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Health in using electric gadgets


Nowadays, under the advanced technology development and a stable economic growth of Hong Kong, most of the citizens are affordable in purchasing and owing several electric gadgets. Although using electric gadgets extensively under advanced technology could raise the living standards, bring convenience to life and develop a comprehensive e-health system to the general public or even worldwide, we cannot deny the negative impacts which brought to human health.

What electric gadgets usually chosen by the general public in Hong Kong?

There are many digital devices innovated and chosen by Hong Kong general public for E-learning, entertainment, E-health, etc. And I will further introduce some famous and common examples.

  • Three Mobile Phone DealsSmart phones is a telephone that generate and receive calls, also support a variety of texting, emailing, Internet, Bluetooth, gaming, photography and business applications services. Up to 2015, worldwide mobile phone subscriptions have grown to over 7 billion, penetrating 100% of the global population and reaching the bottom of the economic pyramid. This electric gadget is flexible as it is able to allow people interaction at every moment in everywhere and convenient in providing several services  mentioned to the mobile customers.



  • applepromoxxx.jpgDigital Computer can run and perform its operations in the decimal system, that is in binary form. In 2014, digital electronic computers are commonly used as personal computers. This brings general public convenience and relatively high efficiencies in doing school projects, connecting with the worldwide information and accessing to different platforms and medias to collect useful datas for e-learnign, etc., which is beneficial to our daily lifestyle.



  • samsung-tv-frontTelevision (TV) is a telecommunication medium used for transmitting media, such as sounds, images and moving images in color nowadays. A TV set is a mass medium in facilitating entertainment, education, reporting news, advertising for business or conducting propagandas for government.




  • 54 Nintendo 64.jpgHome video game consoles, such as PlayStation 4 (PS4), Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One or online games, etc. are very common in Hong Kong. Those imitation games are mimicking the real life characters and contexts. While playing games, we can gain a relaxed mood and reduce pressure.





Since electric gadgets bring various convenience for the community, people pay more attentions, money and time on these gadgets, some even addicted to it, which develop the negative impacts of using digital devices on human health in long term. I will introduce the cons in two aspects, the mental and physical aspects.

A. Physical Health Aspect

  • Weight and ObesityObesity-Info-Graphic_588.png
    Most people spend much time sitting on the chair, sofa or lying on the bed to play the electric gadgets like mobile phone, therefore reduce the time to do workout, physical exercises. Also, some digital devices or electric gadgets users may sleep less in order to spend more time on searching the Net, playing games, etc and might eat snacks while playing electric gadgets. The Journal of Public Health published a study on 1803 adolescents aged 12-19 years and found a positive correlation between screen time is associated with metabolic syndrome in adolescents, regardless of physical activity. Therefore, people spent too much time on screen may have a relatively higher levels of triglycerides, fasting blood glucose, blood pressure, insomnia, etc.



  • 1e25084ae94ad678c95630e1516d929dVisual acuity
    Citizens spend so much time on screen which conduct Blu-ray and without appropriate rest for eyes may cause refractive error, vision
    functional problems and ruin the ocular health, such as myopia, astigmatism, glaucoma, dry eye, etc., which may develop as a long-term damage to our health.

  • Skeletal Muscle Health

    People bowed the head to watch the smartphone in the MTR station, on street, at home, at school, etc. Can be seen everywhere. If people keep the same or similar position or gesture for a longer time, may hurt and weaken the health of our bones and skeletal muscle.
  • Brain Health 
    Computer radiation may raise the opportunities for people to suffer cancer. One study of the mobile phone use cited a 40% increased risk
    of brain cancer in the highest category of heavy users.





B. Mental Health Aspect




  • Addicted problems
    More and more people would affect by addicting to the game, the Internet and the smartphone apps. For example, spent too much time on electronic gadgets may narrow the social circle and degrade the communication skills.


  • 2740d9ffa19b7276304631944b6e829d.jpgProblems generated under information bombardment
    For example, as the Internet provides so many information for users, lure attention users pay for important activities. And, may cause sensory hallucination, homophobia for using mobile phone.


  • Others related problems
    For example, the sleep deficits may be generated as people spend too much time on electric gadgets. Also, while children have intimate contact to violent games and immature to classify them form the virtual to the real, may easily become violence.




mhealth-infographics-480pxE-health is called electronic health which including the M-Health, that is a use of mobile computing, mobile phone, biomedical sensors & communication technologies for healthcare, its strengthened the technologies on healthcare and benefits are:

  1. Reducing the costs, i.e. reduce the money cost in overall healthcare; and the time cost for the interventions by medical staff due to the remote care for specific medical conditions.
  2. Broadening the criteria of services, i.e. provide a high penetration of healthcare and emergencies services un underserved areas.
  3. Other: Avoidance of interfering effects




My Opinion 


In my opinion, the electric gadgets’ benefits can overcome the harms it brings. According to the statistics, green gadgets are invested to eliminate the hazardous substances.  In 2014 there are considerably more products free from the worst hazardous chemicals than in 2006. It seems that the electric gadgets are less harmful to human beings health. It would effectively soothing our worries on the cons of the physical health. Also, I think if the electric gadgets users use those products with a proper time control and take enough rest while using can stay themselves apart from the cons brought by those products. Besides, with the efficiencies and the advanced development of the E-Health, can help improving the healthcare services to citizens. In conclusion, I think the electric gadgets bring a rather advantageous lifestyle to nowadays society and I guess maybe our health in the future is controlled by the mobile, i.e. the E-Health.





How technologies make a change in nowadays business model on consumption?




In nowadays Hong Kong, under the advanced technology development and the prevalent usages of the electric gadgets, the consumption patterns in Hong kong have been shifted from the very traditional form, e.g. the face-to-face consumption to the modern electronic business, e.g. Instagram shop, TaoBao, eBay, official websites, etc.

  1. Electronic business, or e-business, is the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in support of all the activities of business.
  2. Electronic commerce focuses on the use of ICT to enable the external activities and relationships of the business with individuals, groups and other businesses or e business refers to business with help of internet i.e. doing business with the help of internet network.


The common online consumption platforms in Hong Kong


  • imagesInstagram Shop 
    is a wonderful and convenient app for sharing  users’ personal moments and act as a tool for selling items by reaching the millions of potential customers on Instagram through customers-to-customers (C2C) and business-to-consumers (B2C) retailing services. In order to start the business on Instagram, just need to establish a new account on Instagram.Instagram-Chart-online_0.png




  • AM-AJ225_TAOBAO_NS_20100510105221.gifTaoBao is a Chinese website for online shopping, which is similar to eBay and Amazon. It facilitates consumers-to-consumers (C2C) retailing services for small business or individual entrepreneurs, mainly cater to consumers in Chinese-speaking regions but also abroad countries, to start develop online stores.





  • 258d8b7.jpgeBay is an oversea multinational corporation which providing consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-consumer (B2C) retailing services to consumers allover the World through the Internet.





  • officialwebsitesOfficial Website of a brand is an internet page conducted and maintained by a person or business in promoting and introducing the business and products of a brand. It is a business-to-consumer (B2C).





The four major reasons why consumers select the consumption pattern in e – business instead of the traditional one?





  • online-shopping-in-kenya-3-638Convenience is the major reason for consumer to use the E-commerce or business in purchasing products, as if we own an computer or mobile phone, we can buy anything in the means of online shopping, such as Instagram shop in everywhere at anytime.




  • images.jpegDiversification of products due to various sellers on the Internet, as the set up prices are relatively lower or even zero in operating an online shop, therefore attract more people in worldwide to join in this business mode, therefore the number of sellers increased and hence their different promotion and products styles, which provide more choices for consumers.





  • images-2Time saving is the last but not least important factor, while Hong King is with a hustle and bustle lifestyle, spending leisure time in shopping becomes treasure, however with the convince nature in online consumption, consumers can find their favorite and necessary products through the Internet within a few minutes, this help saving times and save more time in doing other important substances.





  • multitasking-1-728.jpgMultitasking can be processed while online window shopping without Getting tired. As we just need to press few buttons, then can buy our favorite products as well.







The three common disadvantages of online shopping 


  • Leakage of consumers’ private information through the online order process or online payments. As online shop usually requires consumers to provide their home address or other information on the Internet, if there is a inappropriate reserve of the consumer information, will be easily hacked by hackers or other people.0702_iw2006_graph3_en





  • images-3Cannot guarantee the quality of the goods and services, while consumers can just see the photos of the goods on the Internet rather than feeling the actual texture of the good.




  • Koos_Keeses172-600x424.jpgThe Internet becomes more difficult for consumers to create a personal connection with a product.





My opinion




Online shopping business mode is quite suit and match to nowadays Hong Kong socio-economic development, the hustle and bustle lifestyle of Hong Kong citizens, as it is more convenience. However, we cannot deny the disadvantages of this business model too, while information is easily leaked to the general public, therefore, the future prospect of this business is not quite easily to be determined. In my point of view, I love shopping online, I think if the online shopping can solve the problem of leakage of the private information by establishing security keys to the various means of this business mode, then the prospect of online consumption is fair or even better with the constant increasing growth of the e-commerce.






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